Session 8-26-12

Just Chris and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus mitts
2 rounds boxing…1st round went smoothly, by the end of the second round I was sucking wind and got hit way to many times in the head for my liking. My nose was broken for the millionth time, not bad but pretty sore and wiggly, a bit more crooked than it was before. I can now see it continually in the line of vision of my right eye:) A second after the shot to the sniffer, my right eye got blasted. The ring timer had mercy on me a few seconds later.
Feeling a bit roughed up we started working some material for knees and elbows. Some Thai for the knees mostly but the elbows were a combination of Thai and Russian style fisticuffs with a little bit of Dempsey mechanics to mix it up completely. We also went over some of the concepts from last weeks session.
Out came the navaja’s for a quick review and some footwork, both jiro and contra jiro and well as some work on the concepts of corridas. We also hit on the idea of the recortes. We finished with some of the footwork drills borrowed from Garrote Larense. A very footwork inspired knife session.
We ended the session with messer. We finially had a chance ot go over the messer from Rec Violence 8 and to work on a few basics.

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