Session 7-29-12

Once again, late as can be…
No regulars this week. Instead I gave an introduction lesson to a young wrestler and his father.
He has possible mma aspirations…not a lick of striking experience though so I got him moving with footwork and three basic punches: straight lead, straight rear and rounding blow with inverted fist. He picked these up rather well and by the end of the lesson was already get a little umph behind his punches. We touched a bit on defense as well, letting him parry my straight lead while working the focus mitts. His older brother should be coming out with him this coming Sunday.
I also got to film a short clip on an aspect of Footpad and Cane style Irish stick that I had taught at Combat Con:
Also getting ready for Recreational Violence VII on August 11-12.
What have you all been up to?

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