Session 7-15-12

Late as usual…
Just Chris and I on Sunday.
Very hot and humid so it looked to be a good day to work on learning some new things.
2 rounds of shadow boxing warm up.
About a half hour savate kicking combinations, mostly switching from left to right or right to left…stringing attacks together.
We then worked on some entries against the jab and a few offensive entires as well. First the drawing step, drawing a strong committed jab from an opponent using your footwork. Very subtle and hard to put into words but not so hard to do against an unsuspecting opponent. We worked on getting under the jab with a  quick body lock and belly to back suplex, dropping him right in front of you face down rather than a big throw. We also worked following the jab back to clinch and getting a reaction from a feinted overhand to clinch.
We ended the session with the navaja, working the simple right to left diagonal downward cut to the face. Building up the power for the slight motion of this cut is a little tricky but once understood, the cut becomes powerful. Lastly we worked the navaja in conjunction with the faja or sash. Working three avenues of attack.
Just trying to get back to normal after the great time had at Combat Con this year.

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