Session 7-1-12

Just Matt and I today…brutal hot in our training hall!
Would have considered just skipping today but sweating can be fun and we had to talk about Combat Con and travel plans.
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round pugilism
1 round savate
1 round kickfighting
2 rounds hand to hand (basically all out combat, we do our best not to break our training partners though but everything goes in this one.)
We were pretty well cooked after the h2h but decided to hit the combat glima some since Matt had a nice takedown on me using the glima single leg during our h2h session. We worked on defending the headhold, then going right from defense into the head hold and headhold takedown, both forward and back. We ended out combat glima or lausa tauk with a three fall bout.

We ended the session with some sambo, working on gaining a leg lock from the back in standing position.
I will be seeing some of you in Vegas before the end of the week!

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