Session 6-10-12

Chris, Matt and I today…
2 rounds freestyle shadow boxing
1 round Russian hook drill
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds savate
2 round partnered footwork drill
1 round free style foot work
defend the shoot with a sprawl and underhooks, run through into a neck crank. Reverse headlock take down from combat glima. We then worked this same take down with a jacket to add to our sambo game as well. We also went over a leg lever throw from glima.
We ended the session with the navaja, first a quick review of basics then work on the flourish, Sevillian star and defending against thrusts by using hand, blade and evasion techniques. Some work on navaja vs stick as well.
Good rough session…the boxing and savate at least were pretty rough. The rest was mostly technique oriented work but we are well past that point when it comes to beating on each other. Not that we don’t still work technique but more often than not we have been putting what we know to good violent use.
Making some good progress with our Spanish knife play. Lot’s of room for personal expression here IMO. We are all looking a bit different on our way to becoming navajeros.


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