Session 6-3-12

Chris, Dave and I…
2 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds boxing
We then broke out the focus pads and worked through some of the Russian fisticuff drills including a few methods for clearing the way for strikes and working against multiple opponents.
Out came the shillelaghs for 2 bouts each. Chris fought both, Footpad and Cane style, Dave used our shillelagh method and I went one Footpad and cane and then grabbed a mountain axe for my last bout. Axe vs. stick is a pretty unfair fight…but I didn’t really to say that.
We ended the session going over the Russian police baton manual once again. For the most part it is all functional and well thought out but there are a few things that seem to make little sense to me like trying to scoop up a kick to the groin with the baton when you could just bat it down. Despite the few strange parts I do think it is a good basic system for using the short baton. The section where the baton is held in more of an icepick grip and laid along the forearm is very close to some of the things we were already doing in our Footpad and Cane work.

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