Session 4-1-12

Super tardy posting this week. Thumb injury 8 weeks out…still pretty swollen and messed up. I am predicting that it will remain so forever.

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round fisticuff drills on the focus gloves
2 rounds boxing
Onward to sambo, no jackets today. The over and under or 50/50 position was our focus today. From this close grip we worked several throws, most pretty high percentage. The ones that stood out were the lateral drop (pretty much the same as a wrestler would do), the drop arm throw and the outside pdvhat(rising foot throw much like Japanese Uchi Mata). Here is a clip of Vadim Kolganov doing a few of these: uT3a6Evg1VA
We finished up the session with each of us having four bouts in the Footpad and Cane style of shillelagh work…there was some mixing with our standard shillelagh method but for the most part we stuck to this more thrust oriented Combative form. This was out first bouting using this method and I have to say that for a first outing it went well. The style and some of it’s particular methods we recognizable with some clear distinct technique being used. Will have to do this again next week.
So what are you folks doing out there? I am genuinely interested…I can’t steal your stuff if you keep it to yourselves.

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