Session 1-29-12

Chris, Dave, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing, mainly close quarters work.
1 round all against all, gang boxing…brutal!
3 rounds partnered footwork drill
Dave, Matt and I then gave Chris 3 rounds of cover drill against the wall.
We ended out striking section with some Russian fisticuff drills working on dealing with getting the arms out of the way, pushing, pulling and chopping to clear a path for a straight blow.
On with the kurtka for some sambo…
We went over last weeks session: hip throw to ankle pick to inside leg hook. Also the low, low single. We also did some work from the Russian 2 on 1 tie up.
We ended on time this week (2 hour session) due to the weather…at my house it was near 40 F when we started, ten minutes in it looked like a scene from “The Thing”. I was half expecting to see a helicopter chasing a dog across the yard. better t finish early and get everyone home safe.








Me feeding Chris some punches today. Kinda blurry but I am pretty sure we we not standing still:)


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