Session 1-22-12

Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
2 rounds cover drills…one puncher and the other guy gets to cover up, no offense allowed. Each round started with the defender working off the wall.
Our boxing is usually a combination of Russian fisticuffs, classical pugilism and modern boxing. At times I will choose to work one over the other but most often we work a blend of the three.
Up next…sambo:
We worked on a chain, hip throw to ankle pick to inside leg hook takedown. We ended the sambo with some work on the low single.

Sambo Technique – Throw combination #4 Ankle Pick to Inside Hook

We finished out session with the navaja. First we covered close range throwing. Not a big fan of throwing my weapon away but it is fun:) That out of the way we worked on switching from saber to icepick grip and some work from griped arms. We covered the Castillian guard and played with the matadors thrust a bit.

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