Session 1-8-12

Four of us today…First group training for three weeks! It has been a rough three weeks…lots of solo work and one session with Chris last Tuesday working on boxing and navaja.

Even though this was the first group session of the year I had to make it short one due to pressing issues. Still very glad we got together.
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds 3 count cadence drill
2 rounds everyone against everyone boxing…head gear and gloves, everyone was your opponent. Really hectic, fast paced training. Learned so much just in these two rounds. I can’t wait to do it again!
Here is a Russian clip from RAF showing this type of drill:
I got lazy and didn’t use my gum shield resulting in a chipped tooth but it was worth it!
We worked on kick from the ground from Russian style kickfighting then did a ground kick combo from Savate Defense. Minor family emergency came to a head and we had to quit early…still great session even if short.

Looking forward to another year of training!

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