Session 11-20-11

Chris, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadowboxing
2 rounds three count cadence drill with gloves and head gear worn.
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds partnered footwork

On with the jackets for some sambo…
We each did two rounds of grip work and since we were in a gripping state of mind followed that with some work on breaking grips on the jacket and gaining a belt grip, either side over the back.

We then worked a cross lapel grab series…left hand to left lapel for a Podvhat (rising leg) throw, a ski lift of if all else fails a melnitsa(firemans) into a hip lock.


Out came the shillelaghs for a bit more work with the Footpad and the Cane text. A general review of what we did last week.for starters then we got into some specifics on the upward and straight cross stick strikes. Worked on the idea of a ready stance based on the info in the text as well as tried out some defenses listed from various attitudes.

We finished up the session with some Spanish knife work. First some basic stance and footwork then onto cambio with a focus on switching from a saber grip in the right hand to a ice pick grip in the left. We finished with the Sevellian Star.


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