Session 11-13

Chris, Matt and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds three count cadence drill
1 round heavy bag
2 rounds boxing

We then went over the Fitzsimmons shift. We have done it before but it has been a while and I realized that this was something new to Chris so it seemed like a good subject for the day. We also worked in Biddle’s Killing shift and a few variations of our own on the concept. Once we had this ingrained a bit we geared up again and each boxed two more rounds with an emphasis on landing the shift.

Next up shillelagh working through the Footpad and the Cane article:
We had a good bit of fun working with this short text. It is short but has a good deal of useful and interesting material.

We ended the session working through some basic attack and defense with the shillelagh followed up with two bout each shillelagh vs shillelagh. Always the most violent of all.


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