Session 11-6-11

Chris, Matt and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
About a half hour spent on a nifty fisticuff drill for dealing with hooks. Starting simple with a cover for lead hooks and then going more in depth ending up with covers, bobbing and weaving lead or rear hooks in real time.
We then worked a simple but nice combo I call the double half round blow. Take a look at it here:

We then sparred 2 rounds a piece, boxing very hard, probably the hardest we have gone ever. We had one KO. Hours later an I am still feeling the adrenaline rush.

We ended the session with knives, working through some of the Spanish material as well as the French material from Andre. We also did a brief overview of bowie use.

Still a bit under the weather…so no grappling this week. Next week we are on it though!



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