Session 10-16-11

Had a new guy out this week. His name was Matt and strangely he is the fourth Matt we have had out to train with us. A popular name for sure but we have had a disproportionate number of them.

So today, Matt, Matt and I…

I am getting over a week long bout of the flu so was a little weak and wheezy, luckily Matt1 was there to help show some basics to the new guy. We went over basic attitude and footwork, progressing to straight lead and straight rear punches vertical fist. NewMatt is a pretty big guy so when he had his rhythm and timing down for the punches they were solid. In a few weeks he should be hitting like a truck.

After about an hour working on the basics we had him join into our regular striking routine.

2 rounds footwork
1 round heavy bag
2 rounds feed and follow drill, just straight lead while moving around in footwork
Matt1 and I then sparred 1 round boxing and 1 round savate showing how hard we usually go and what equipment we use.

We then demoed some weapon work for him so he could see some of the things we work on besides boxing (which was his main interest)

We ended the session with just a few minutes of matwork.


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