Session 9-11-11

Just Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
3 rounds savate
No safety gear except for mouth guards for the sparring today. We just relied on control, been a while since we have done that. It was refreshing not to be burdened with gloves weigh down the hands and getting in the way and headgear blocking vision and making your head larger target.

We then went over basics with the shillelagh, various methods of defense using either end of the stick and dealing with leg attacks before some simple one step sparring drills. Chris is a lefty so there is always a bit of a challenge there trying to convert everything over to work for him…but I have had quite a few left handers that I have trained so it is not too much extra work…it does make for some interesting bouting as well. I can see that once Chris gets a better feel for the weapon we are all in for a tough time.

A shorter session but we still managed to eat up an hour and a half.

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