Session 9-4-11

Chris, Matt and I today…

2 rounds of shadow boxing for warm up.
We then went into some clinch work, making room with a shoulder bump to sneak in an short uppercut or shovel hook. We worked with Dempsey’s mechanics again with the elbow and with some work on shovel hooks to the body and the head, we even paused and watched Dempsey vs Sharkey…great shovel hook to the head KO!
2 rounds 3 count cadence drill
2 rounds freestyle footwork
2 rounds feed and follow footwork.

Next out came the shillelaghs, we went over some of the basics for Chris who has not done a lot of the weapon work. After 15 minutes or so we each fought two bouts. Since I had the mats up we had only one rule…keep it standing. As always, rough stuff but great fun.

We ended the session with some bouting using the dussack, again after some work on the basics for Chris.


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