Session 8-28-11

Matt and I today.

No session last week or even midweek. had a run in with a hornet and found out I am more allergic than I thought I was.

Matt had eye surgery a few weeks ago and finally got the ok to get punched in the head…
2 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds boxing
1 round savate

On with the jackets for some sambo…
2 rounds grip work
2 rounds freestyle sambo
1 round par terre.

Sambo is fun but more than a little rough, often we are turned upside down during a throw or groundwork, stomach acid has no respect for the authority of gravity (what does that mean? I don’t know) we call it sambo reflux. Often heartburn follows a good training session. I also suffer from something I call sambo amnesia. I have the hardest time remembering how we get to the ground even if I am the guy doing the throwing. Often I have to ask my training partner what just happened. Strange but like I said, fun.

Out came the navaja trainers. After a quick refresher on some basics we spent some time throwing a viaje or three. A viaje is a low line thrust to the belly, there are several different methods for doing this. We focused on a fully committed attack sometimes with a standard grip, some times with a Mediterranean grip(edge up). We also worked our cambios (hand switches)and switched from a viaje to a desjarretazo or ripping attack. We ended with a review of technique using the faja or sash, the finale being a bout using the faja and navaja in conjunction.

We then went over some of Dempsey’s basics for power generation, this time we applied them to elbow strikes…brutal! We also hit the shovel hook, both to the head and to the body. My favorite punch. Last we applied Dempsey’s mechanics to holding and hitting, the shoulder whirl is a thing of beauty.

Good session, felt good to get to hitting people again.

So what is happening in your training sessions? I really want to steal some of what you do.