Session 4-17-11

Chris, Justin, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing (limited space boxing, since we had two pairs sparring at the same time we really had to limit the space, this made for complete rounds of close range, no let up at all…pretty nice really)
3 rounds cadence drills
3 rounds paired footwork

We went on to work some par terre…Chris took us through a front choke and an armlock. I followed with a mount escape to a leg lock then a single leg takedown.

We finished out grappling session working with Parkyns…defense against a head butt, to the pinion of gripes then a throw.

It was a terribly windy day here in Ohio with gusts up to 50 mph but towards the end of our session in died down some. We took advantage of this and did our first outdoor training of the year. We worked the two and three man drills I learned from Luis Preto at Fechtschule America 2011 in JdP. The three man drill is fun but dizzying. We also went over some of the basics since Chris has only done a little of this with us.


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