Session 3-7-11

Justin and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round partnered footwork drill
1 round freestyle footwork
I took a nice hard bareknuckle punch about a half inch northwest from the point right in between my eyes. It had a real ballpeen hammer-like feel to it. Two days later and I am still tender.

On with the kurtka for sambo…
2 rounds of balance/grip work
Then we worked on getting up to speed with some of the sambo concepts we have been working on lately.
Falling armbar from forward pressure
pop off to Georgian grip to back trip
Georgian grip from lapel grip to back trip
heel hook from mount escape

We then went over the 11 messer plays from the Glasgow fechtbuch. Trying to get the lessons and movement ingrained, so far so good.

We ended the session making a mace from a huge heavy bushing I bought at Tractor Supply. If you have a local store, do check out their tractor parts, some very interesting shaped chunks of metal there.


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