Session 2-27-11

Must be something in the air because on Sunday, everyone canceled on me too!

So, like the others, I did a solo workout, first some going over messer material then 10 rounds of boxing training followed by mountain axe and navaja.

This brings us to Monday when Chris came out. This was an all boxing workout. Since Chris actively fights, I usually try to behave myself in sparring and emulate other fighters he may face but I was not having a very good day and getting the crap beat outta me so I went into a Mendoza style guard. He had seen this before but it put a halt on a lot of the things he was able to do and gave me a much needed break from getting punched in the head:) This lead to a basic reintroduction to Mendoza for him, a nice refresher for me as well.

Today Matt came out…
We started the session with the material for messer from the Glasgow fechtbuch. We went through all 11 plays therein. I actually almost ate one of our training messers. I will have a fat, fat lip for a while I think but will play safer next time.

3 rounds boxing
2 rounds savate

On with our jackets for sambo…today we worked the firemans or in Russian, the melnitsa. We did the firemans right into a hiplock.

We also worked a throw to an armbar combo from a Georgian belt grab. Also a mount escape into a heel hook.


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