Session 2-16-11

I usually don’t write mid-week session reports but since last Sundays session was short and yesterdays mid-week was so fun…

Matt and I today.

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds savate
3 rounds combat sambo

This was some of the hardest sparring we have ever done. By the end of rounds 6 we were truly shot…so we did one more.

It was the first non-freezing day in a long time here in NE Ohio so we went outside with the longswords and sparth axes for a little work. We still had to train in the street though. Not enough snow had melted yet.

We went through some grappling with the longsword plays then let them start to flow organically out of some half speed bouting.

We finished out the session with sparth axe. We did some bouting but our main focus this time was the charge, both performing it and defending against it.


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