Session 2-13-11

Only Justin and I today…

Short session today.

We started out the session working on some interesting old Russian stick exercises and then applying them to the mountain axe.

Last week I bought a number of table runners to use as sashes or faja…so we worked quite a bit on our technique using the navaja and faja together. We used two methods, first the faja n the off hand and then the faja stretched between the hands with the navaja in the right hand. We did some bouting both with and without the sash.

Next up we worked on the recortes as a counter to both a straight thrust and a jiro. Once the recortes was finished we were throwing a rear leg fouette at the opponents midsection. Fun mixing savate and navaja play:)

We finished the session with some drills developed around the madeja ( skein of yarn, figure-8 ) A thrust comes in and the counter is made in the madeja pattern and a series of cuts follow all along the same pattern as the defender moves either to the outside or the inside of the attackers blade.

So a short session, about an hour and a half, but we got some good navaja work in.


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