Session 1-9-11

Chris, Matt and I today…
It was not warm.
We warmed up with 2 rounds of shadow boxing.

We worked for about a half hour on striking with the main concept being controlling both distance and circling to the outside and what to do once you get there with your kicks and punches.

Next up weapons. Chris has not done a lot of weapon work with us so we started out with some basics to get him up to speed…first the Navaja!
First we went over our basic stance and why we stood that way…we followed up with a few basic attacks then some work on foists, jiro, contra jiro and my favorite recortes.

We ended the session with some work on singlestick. Since we are forced indoors by the weather and out ceiling is relatively low, we used 24″ rattan and worked on more of a cutlass length weapon. Our main focus was the hanging guard for this session, New for Chris and a nice review for Matt and I. We ended up with a few bouts using the 2′ singlesticks with baskets…very strange and not all the pleasant really but a good introduction.


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