Session 11-14-10

On Wed Matt came out and we did our normal boxing routine and even got to play with the sparth axes a bit, getting some raw footage shot for a clip I am putting together.

Friday, Chris was out and we worked both boxing and savate.

Justin, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
5 rounds boxing sparring
2 rounds freestyle footwork

Boxing is coming along nicely as of late. Everyone is improving and it is just getting easier. Still lots to work on but at least we are getting somewhere.

We had a finger injury so we decided to wait for sambo till next week. My finger I broke last year was sore as well…nothing worse than gripping each others jackets with dodgie finger. Sambo will wait till next week.

We next broke out the navaja trainers and worked through a flourish as taught by M. Loriega at ISMAC this year plus his dread “navaja kata”. We then had two bouts each with either navaja and faja(sash) or just navaja. We ended the session with some work using the sash for different angles.









Interesting navaja-like knife on a silver chain from Dalmatia…a Slavic navaja? Maybe not but perhaps the gypsy influence from Spain made some headway East. Regardless a pretty cool knife that I thought I would share.