Session 11-7-10

Busy three days…
On Friday Matt and Chris were out. Matt came out first and we did a
ton of work with the e-tool. When Chris arrived we jumped right into
some showboxing then sparring. The pace was definitely pushed
especially for Matt, some real hard sparring. We then went of some
clinch fighting and cover ups.

Sat Gov came out and we worked his boxing and savate, sparring 5
rounds and doing the focus gloves, shadow boxing and footwork. Focused on defeating a
strong jab. Lots of work on the Philly shell defense.

Finally on Sunday it was just Matt and I…we started with the sparth
axe and went through all our material for that then had some
interesting bouts. These axes have pvc shafts and leather heads. We
spent about an hour and a half here.

We ended the session with 2 rounds of shadow boxing, 3 rounds of
boxing and then 2 rounds of savate.

Looking forward to another busy week next week,