Session 10-10-10

Just Matt and I today…

2 rounds of shadow boxing
4 rounds of boxing sparring
2 rounds focus mitts
Review of last weeks material…fighting in the clinch. Head butts, making space for uppercuts, forearm strike (like football blocks) to create space for uppercut, knee bumps, shoulder strikes. Very dirty boxing:) Boxing our way out of a Thai plumb clinch.

We threw our kurtki on and did some striking while being grabbed. One person grabs the jackets and jerk you around while you throw shots at their head and body around, in between and under their arms. Great work but rough!

We kept our jackets on and went right into sambo…topic for the day was inside leg reap and scarf hold. We first reviewed the back trip material and the front body drop throw then right into the inside leg reap and scarf hold. Things went very well until one take down by Matt on me ended up missing the mats. I hit the hardwood floor left hip first with Matt’s weight on top driving me even harder into the floor. I missed landing on a kettlebell by about three inches. I suspect I avoided at least a fractured hip something or other there:)

We went on a little longer but my hip was in a sad way but still got over two hours of training in. I had planned on getting a few things down on video…some of the sparth axe material we had been working on and some of the mountain axe but without a third person to play camera man it will have to wait until next week.


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