Session 10-4-10

Justin, Matt and I today…

2 rounds of shadow boxing
2 rounds of three count drill
1 round heavy bag
We then went into some extremely violent (even for me) clinch work. Fighting out of the clinch was the goal this time around, making space to land some clean uppercuts and hooks. Using shoulder bumps, forearm jams and elbow as well as leg bumps to accomplish this.

We also worked a great deal on head butts using the focus mitts. We also worked some of the clinch work with the mitts and some boxing defense again grabs and tackles. My head is sore today, not from the concussion but from the slaps against the pads, guess I should have let my hair grow out for this.

Definitely some great clinch work was done, looking forward to doing more next week.

We ended the session this week with the navaja once again. We went over the basics of using the faja (sash) and then did two bouts each, blade and sash vs same.

We ended just a week bit over two hours in, a fairly short session tis time around.


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