Session 9-26-10

Matt, Chris and I today…

Chris has a grappling tournament in a few weeks so he requested that we spend some extra time on sambo this week; we jumped right into sambo and worked a number of basic throws, back trips in two variations, sambo single leg, sitting throw, and a few more. I got to play coach and Matt and Chris did most of the work for this segment…that is ok cause I had two teeth pulled on Monday and I still was not up to rolling around.

After the sambo Chris had to leave to study for an exam. So I broke out the sashes and Matt and I worked on the navaja in conjunction with the sash. After about a half hour of going over the actions it was time for bouting. We have three bouts both using the sash and blade in unison…very very fun stuff! We spent about a half hour more going over some grip changes and basic attacks and defenses.

On Friday, Chris was out and we did some boxing…after two rounds I realized I was in no shape to box. Only four days after the dentist, getting punched in the head felt more like getting a crowbar in the face. We wisely chose to do some sambo instead.