ISMAC 2010

Almost a week has passed since the latest ISMAC and I finally feel like sitting behind a keyboard and typing about it.

Always great to see the old friends and make some new ones…this year was no exception.

Things were set up different this year, less variety and more depth. I taught a six hour class on Irish arts spending two hours a day. Covering, grappling, striking and stick work, yo would think that six hours would be enough but it wasn’t. We did still get to do a fair bit of each aspect and hopefully everyone got something out of the class…it definitely was one of the best groups I had ever taught.

I taught three taster classes: Carpathian mountain axe, Boxing and Savate Basics…all three were relatively low in students but it seems that our attendance was down from previous years…economy, holiday weekend and Heavy Renn faires could have been to blame. Regardless I did get to Kick Tom Badillo so it was all worth the effort.

Needless to say with such a heavy teaching schedule, i did not have time to take many classes. i did however take James Loriega’s byond the basics of Navaja class which was another of the six hour monsters. Great class, I got to review some material that I needed review on plus a ton of new material to work on. We will be hitting the navaja pretty hard in the coming weeks.

Of course the best time at these events for me is the social time…as in years past, I ended up drinking too much and sleeping to little but it was worth it. Saturday night found several of us playing instruments and having yet another sing along, great fun.

It sounds as if Jared has some interesting plans for next year but I will let him announce them when he is ready.