Session 8-19-10

Justin, Matt and I today…

2 rounds of shadow boxing
Then is honor of James Toney’s outstanding performance this last weekend we did 4 rounds of boxing.
2 rounds of freestyle footwork

It occurred to me during one of the rounds of boxing that I was having an absolute blast…which is strange in a way. here I am doing my best not to get my face bashed in while trying to punch my own friends in the face…this should be horrible or at least traumatic but no, it is fun.

In honor of Randy Couture’s performance this past weekend we worked on the low single leg from the outside.

We went through Silvers bill material using the Irish sparth axe again this week plus a review of all the axe stuff we have been doing lately.

Lastly we played with bows…no actual arrows took flight. We just played around a bit with Matt’s Magyar bow and my compound, using different drawing methods including a thumb ring.

Next weekend ISMAC!


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