Session 8-22-10

Matt and I today…

I was pretty sick all week but felt good enough today to train…I do hate to cancel.

We skipped all thoughts of warming up today and jumped right into fighting.
3 rounds of boxing followed by 2 rounds of savate.

Gypsies seemed to be the topic of the day so we flowed right into navaja work from the MdB going over the basics of the jiro and contra jiro and footwork…this lead to an all over Navaja session lasting about an hour.

We ended the session working once again with the sparth axe trainers covering what we have been working in the previous weeks but adding some new material from Silvers section of the bill and q-staff. This all lead to me spouting off everything I knew of Silver for Matt to try an absorb…I stuck to what I was comfortable with which admittedly was not much.


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