Session 8-8-10

First off for the week…

Tuesday I had Chris and Gov out for lots of drilling, boxing mostly and huge amounts of footwork.

Wednesday just Chris was out and we did some sparring and once again a ton of footwork.

Today it was Justin, Matt and I…

I had planned on doing a whole bunch of Sambo today but we started working through some ideas and material for the Sparth axe and before I knew it we were almost two hours into our session.

The big news is that we managed not to kill each other working through this stuff. The big axes are just that, big axes. Hard to control and hard to stop once they get going. My shoulders are dead tired but good tired. I may give up the kettlebells and just swing my axe around from now on.

I had read about the Galloglass being big and strong when described, now I wonder if it wasn’t constant drilling with the sparth axe that made ’em that way.

We finished the session BS’ing, hitting the bag, some shadow boxing and more BS’ing. Next week we cannot skip the sambo!


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