Session 7-25-10

Just Matt and I today…
We went backwards today, weapons first.

Since I just got my copy of Chris Thompson’s Highland Broadsword from
Paladin press in the other day we started with a basic review of the
wards, cuts, footwork of the Regimental system and we practiced lesson

Out with the longsword wasters…basic review of the wards and
mastercuts, only spending about 20 minutes here. Onto boxing…

2 Rounds shadow boxing
5 Rounds sparring
1 Round heavy bag
1 Round freestyle footwork
1 Round paired footwork

We threw on our sambo kurtka and jumped right into some grappling.
2 rounds of off balancing grip work
3 rounds of freestyle sambo

Sort of a short session, which means we ended nearly on time:) Good
boxing work, was able to get a few ideas that I normally don’t do
worked into my boxing including some of the crazy Buza punching.

Grappling went well, Matt really took it to me, pushed me around and
stole my lunch money, luckily for me I have years of treachery under
my belt…those subs come out of nowhere sometimes.

Tuesday Gov and Chris came out and we worked mainly on pads, punching
drills and footwork. On Friday Chris was out and it was more of the
same with an emphasis on even more footwork than normal.


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