Session 7-11-10

Basically had the same session on Monday, Tuesday, Sunday and Monday again…Mon and Tue worked with Chris and Gov, on Sunday and Monday just Chris.

Boxing boxing and more boxing. Shadowboxing, partnered footwork drills, focus gloves, sparring and cadence drills. Did I mention boxing?

These guys are really soaking it up, especially the footwork that I am having them do, much more active than they are used to but they seem to be getting better each session.

On Monday Chris and I worked mostly on the concept of throwing your own short hook inside your opponents hook. I introduced him to this idea on Sunday towards the end of our session so I wanted to get right back at it again since he seemed a natural for this shot. This short hook was more akin to a corkscrew hook that just cut inside the angle and lands with a great rate. By the end of yesterdays session Chris was hitting about 50% of these in sparring which is awesome.

So no grappling and no weapons for over a week…sort of a bummer but we will have time aplenty for that. I had some killer sunburn any way so the idea of grappling was right out for me. It is nice seeing these guys improve like this, Hell I even get some great training in as well even though i am mostly in a coaching role when these guys come out.


2 Responses

  1. What sort of footwork drills do you normally do?

  2. Hi Milo,

    I have a whole series of progressive footwork drills that we do here. We start out with just a simple feed and follow type of drill and really try to maintain that since it is the meat and potatoes of our entire footwork system.

    Maybe I will made a video clip showing the basic method and variations…much easier than typit all out and clearer to boot!

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