3 of us today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds sparring boxing
2 rounds sparring savate
2 rounds heavy bag
1 round freestyle footwork
2 rounds partnered footwork

We then broke out the kicking shield and worked on our chasse from our lead and rear leg.

Next up…weapons.

We went over some broad sword concepts including hanging guards and power generation through much smaller movement than we were using. Randal G. and I worked on this last time he was out and it has just started to sink in.

We then had four nice spirited bouts using the e-tool trainers. This was incredible fun and the hardest we have bouted with this weapon. Now that we have decent ‘toy’ shovels we can pretty much go all out, a little rough perhaps but a few scrapes and bruises mean little between friends…especially when you get to hit each other with shovels. We ended up breaking one of the trainers but it definitely was worth it.

We ended our session with a nice home brew courtesy of Justin’s father because beer is an excellent way to end a training session!

Guv was out on Thursday afternoon and we sparred for 3 rounds after warming up with some shadow boxing. We then went for about 30 minutes hitting the pads. We ended our session with about 45 minutes on the mountain axe. Concentrating on the basics and the essential figure eight movements.

Saturday found Kirk Lawson in the area and he stopped in for a bit…we did a bit of test cutting with knives and took some photos for the ever work in progress bata manual.


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