Session 5-30-10

Holiday weekend…solo training today but first…

On Wed I had Chris and Guv out and we worked through a nice combo: low lead hook followed by a high lead hook with a passing step to your inside, slight body shift when delivering the next blow a straight rear to the head, followed by a lead leg fouette to the inside of the thigh then a rear leg chausson to the gut. We went through several variations of this and built it up from the first two punches slowly.

Chris and Guv sparred two rounds as well and they really beat the hell outta each other the first round…just pure aggression. Maybe not the best way to train or even fight but highly entertaining:) The second round I had them move more and punch less, working more with the concept of reacting to the opponent rather than just both wailing away.

We finished with about 45 mins of mountain axe work concentrating on blocking incoming blows with the head and following with a butt smash then a step back and downward blow.

So today for me (pretty much what I do three times a week anyway with two days S&C):
4 rounds of shadow boxing
3 rounds heavy bag
1 round floor bag
2 rounds freestyle footwork
3 rounds navaja work
4 rounds e-tool work
3 rounds shillelagh


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