Session 5-16-10

Matt, Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing

2 rounds boxing sparring

2 rounds touch glove sparring(before punches can be exchanged both gloves must be touched to the other guys gloves…makes for a good infighting drill. Once the exchange is finished we start over again with the touching of gloves.)

2 Rounds heavy bag

4 rounds partnered footwork drill

2 rounds freestyle footwork

We then worked on some basic savate combination mixing hands and feet together for a better flow…tried them on each other and the heavy bag.

Next up sambo…we threw our jackets on and got right into some review of last week material mainly working on pop offs to belt grips. We then worked on the Russian Uchi mata or podhvat series of take downs. We ended the session with a great rolling takedown, lots of fun with this last one. On last

Monday Guv was out and we worked for about an hour and a half on boxing…lots of sparring.

On Thursday Chris and Guv were out and we worked mainly mma striking for about an hour before moving onto basic single stick broadsword work for about a half hour. They are coming out again this afternoon so I better get some rest 🙂


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