Session 5-2-10

Justin, Matt and I today…

3 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds boxing
2 rounds heavy bag
2 rounds partnered footwork drill
1 round freestyle foot work

Had a minor Dempsey epiphany this week while solo training…just a simple way to get the jolt to land on the move. Nothing major but nice to get it right finally. We worked on tweaking our side step jolt just a bit to get the feel of it. Will do more next session.

Next up Sambo…

Everything we worked with today was from the opponent getting a grip on your jacket, followed by popping it off and going for the takedown. We worked three main concepts from here and a few side tracks. Made some headway into getting better with a few of the throws that were not quite as hard to right as we thought. Pretty productive grappling session.

Once again long weapon work thwarted by the rain so we grabbed out navaja trainers and did about 10 minutes of the basic footwork and cambios before moving onto some longer range work using the concepts of terrano, jiro, contra-jiro and recortes…got the guys stringing a few of these ideas together for a better flow.

Navaja should be our go to when the weather is crap…just have to remember to do it!

We ended the session taking my new e-tool trainer for a spin. A few weeks ago I bought a three pack children’s rake, hoe and shovel at Walmart for $3. I cut the shovel down and gave the other two items to my children to play with…after all I don’t need them digging holes in the yard:)

The shovel, once cut down, is very light and flexible but still rigid enough to make things work. It will give when used for thrusting and the edges are dull. My other plastic trainers made from snow shovels still pack quite a wallop and could easily break a bone…this one, not likely.

We work e-tool vs knife for about a half hour. Defending and countering basic cuts and thrusts. Once again the defensive and offensive capabilities of the e-tool continue to impress me.


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