Session 4-25-10

Just as we were getting started today we got hit with a pretty dramatic hail storm. There were still hail stones in the yard four hours later.

2 rounds shadow boxing

2 rounds boxing

1 round heavy bag

1 round freestyle footwork

2 rounds partnered footwork drill

Next up we spent about a half an hour working on our coup de pied bas kick from savate. We worked it as an entry and a double attack against an opponent wearing a heavy shin pad so we could blast it in there. We ended working it as an entry to gain our next attack which we left up to the individual to work on…sometimes it was a kick, sometimes a punch.

We then worked some on kicking combinations for skill development and conditioning on the heavy bag. Basic right left right fouette with sidesteps then straight lead, straight rear followed by either a rear or lead leg fouette.

We did a little work on our ground grappling game finishing up with a review of proper mechanics for the single leg takedown and drilled that for a while.

We ended the session going back to boxing for a moment and discussing the stance used by Carpentier…a little more crouched and offset than how any of us fight but a worthy addition to our list of attitudes to fight from.

I had really wanted to get outside and do some weapon work but the weather foiled us agin this week…maybe next.


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