Session 4-11-10

Justin and I today…
2 rounds of shadow boxing
5 rounds of boxing
1 round heavy bag
1 round floor bag
2 rounds of footwork
We threw our jackets on to work some combat sambo…mostly standing grappling and keeping a grip while striking. We started out with 4 short rounds of grip/off-balance work.
We followed that with 3 rounds of grip-fighting…basically we started the rounds by taking a grip and we were not allowed to strike unless we kept one hand on our opponent. This is definitely a keeper. I really enjoyed this and it let us work hard while still maintaining control.
This gave us a solid 1 1/2 hours of training and we ended it there. Very nice workout today even if we cut it shorter than usual.
On Saturday Eric Blackburn,one of the guys I met at the RV weekend last year, came out and brought his friend Joe (who’s last name i never caught) from near the Pittsburgh area. We played a bit with the kettle bells and I joined in on there usual practice of knife work and sword and buckler/dagger which seems to be a cross between I.33 and Espada y Daga…a whole lot of fun but not my usual gig. We did finish up with some e-tool work though which is always fun. It is a great feeling to introduce people to the joys of shovel combatives!

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