Session 3-21-10

3 of us today…
Started with 2 rds of shadow boxing then followed up with 4 good rounds of boxing sparring each. We have been really hitting the boxing hard (pun intended) lately. It is easy to let things get left behind but boxing really forms the base for just about everything we do here…I had noticed that it seemed like our fisticuffs were getting stale so nothing better than a refocus to get things moving again.
We spent about 20 minutes defending against kicks, catching and takedowns as well as covering.
Since it was so nice we went outside for some bouting…
We each had 2 bout of Singlestick. First real singlestick of the season so these were not BL bouts…maybe next time now that we have a few practices under out belts.
We finished the day off with JdP…also the first of the season. Just the basics and some light bouting with rattan.
I look forward to being able to take advantage of the nice weather and working on some long weapons for a change. Trapped in a low ceiling training area  has been a downer.

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