Session 3-7-10

Just Matt and I today…
2 rds shadow boxing
10 rds boxing sparring
2 rds freestyle footwork
At this point feeling more than a little warmed up we decided to play some Tatar Kuresh:
We had I think six quick bouts…a nice add on drill for our normal sambo program.
We then broke out the shillelaghs for some back and forth training for a few rounds but honestly after that much boxing our shoulders were pretty shot and holding the stick in the high guard was getting pretty uncomfortable.
Next up mountain axe…we did about a half hours worth of work, going over some basics and working through a play. It has been a while since we got to play with the axes so this was a lot of fun.
We finished the session tossing around the Bulgarian bag and some kettlebells for a few minutes just to make sure I was truly exhausted.

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