Session 12-27-09

Again just Matt and I…

2 rds shadow boxing 5 rds sparring – boxing switching from Russian fisticuffs to Dempsey to modern to Mendoza style constantly. We were shooting for 10 rds today but my shoulder started feeling a bit sloppy and my thumbs on both hand were getting mangled.

1 rd heavy bag

1 rd floor GnP bag

1 rd focus mitts

1 rds feed and follow footwork drill

1 rds freestyle footwork to cool down

We skipped grappling today since Matt had a cold.

Next out came the shillelaghs and we did a blocking drill followed by a two handed block return drill. Fingers a little smashed today:)

We ended the session with two rds of light sparring using the mountain axe. It has been a while since we played with these so there was a good amount of review while bouting.

Last Wed. Matt came out and we focused mainly on Boxing…

2 rds shadow boxing

10 rds sparring

2 rds footwork


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