Session 12-13-09

Took it very easy today, Dr’s appointment on Monday morning for the shoulder, did not want to go in more injured than I was. We started off with some German longsword. Working with the vier leger and the vier versetzen. We then tried out my new entrenching tool trainer made from a child sized solid plastic snow shovel. Still hits very hard but does not have much mass behind it. Will definitely try and make a few more after trying this one out. We armored up our right arm with various pads and hockey gloves and went to work attacking away at the guy with the shovel, cuts and thrusts. The combination of a padded attacking arm and a light weight trainer made for a nice contact drill. Even more impressed with the e-tool as weapon now that we can go full speed in training. On the shoulder front…went to the Dr Monday morning and had it looked at. Unlikely that it is a torn rotator cuff need to jump through some hoops to get the Insurance company to do an MRI on it so that may be a few weeks.


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