Session 11-8-09

Only Justin and I today…

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds focused boxing sparring
1 rds heavy bag
1 rd GnP floor bag
1 rds focus gloves

Next up…grappling/sambo
We went without jackets today and had a major focus on getting the toehold correct since I have some sort of mental block about it when rolling. We also did a two foot sweeps as well as two leg hook takedowns into kneebars.

Last up…e-tool or as the Russians call it ‘lopatka’ which is infinitely more fun to say that shovel. We worked the lopatka against some unarmed attacks, punches and kicks. We also worked some lopatka vs knife and lopatka vs lopatka. Even with a mighty dull edge and then taped I still got a cut on my hand. Nothing major but blood sells.

On a totally unrelated note…really enjoyed watching Fedor Emelianenko vs Brett Rogers on Strikeforce this weekend.  Good fights tend to get me fired up for training I think. Good thing we train on Sunday and most events are held on Saturday night.



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