11-1-09 Session

Only Justin and I today…
2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds boxing sparring
1 rd savate sparring
1 rds heavy bag
1 rd GnP floor bag
1 rd focus mitts

We threw on our jackets next…
2 rds grip/off-balance work
2 rds gentle freestyle sambo (my shoulder is still screwed so Justin once again took it real easy with me.)
3 rds par terre (ground work) At least for this we were able to go pretty much full out, things move so much slower once the fight hits the ground. It looks like until my shoulder is up to snuff that we will be hitting on the ground work pretty hard.

I had some grand designs on doing some e-tool work but daylight savings time threw me for a loop and it got darker and hour earlier…and I forgot to put a light in our training area so we called it about 15 mins early.


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