Session 7-5-09

Three of us to begin with…

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds sparring savate
We then set up the pads in a corner of the room and did some drills
working on keeping our opponent cornered and also working on covering
and escaping from the corner. We worked on how to deal with swarmers
who do their best to overwhelm.

Our new guy showed up later and we took him through some basic stance
work, how to throw the straight lead and basic footwork. We did some
live drills and pad work after ward to illustrate why we do things the
way we do.

We then threw on our jackets for sambo…
We started with three short rounds of grip/offbalancing work  and then
went into the odbiv or grapevine throw we worked last week. I wanted
to repeat it while it was still fresh and while we were wearing

We then took the new guy through some basic throws…back trip, old
mans shoulder throw and sambo single leg.

It is always great to have new people since it gives us an excuse to
go over the basics again.


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