Session 6-28-09

Three of us today…

Today we did nothing but work on grappling technique. My shoulder is
still a bit iffy so I took it easy yet again.

Just for a change the first half of our session today was spent on
Ott’s wrestling. Alot of this we had already been doing with the sambo
training…just small variations and grip differences but grappling is
grappling for the most part. Sort of nice to work on this after a long
long layoff and to realize that in a way we had still been working on

Working sambo we went without jackets and focused on two throws from a
standing grapevine position or in Russian odbiv. one a simple back
fall and the other a nice rolling throw that ends in a kneebar. We
also worked a counter to this position. We also worked on a few leg
hook take downs.



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