Session 5-31-09

This past Sunday mark our last gathering in the LOD…next week we
meet at my new house in the Spare Living Room of Doom until the LOD
mark II is finished. I have much cleaning to do!

We started the session with sambo…
2 rds grip work
1 rd ground engagements with a stability ball as an aid
2 rds of freestyle sambo  with no time limit on the ground.
A short bit of work on sweeps from the bottom.

Next up navaja…we went over some of the concepts from M. Loriega’s
class at ISMAC. The left hand drill, jiro and contrajiro as well as
the recortes. We also did two things using the scorpion tail of the
navaja to break grips on the wrist. Over all very good stuff to work
on with more to come.

We briefly went over some of the Garrote Larense we had done before
and a few new things that Bruno showed at ISMAC.

We then drank beer. It is a tradition to close out a training hall
with a drink, well at least it is for us.


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