Session 5-10-09

We were paid a visit by our friendly RMA/JDP instructor Randal Gustitis this weekend. Saturday he and I traded navaja instruction for Cossack saber instruction and managed to play with axes and rapiers and everything in between, spending 4 or 5 hours in the LOD.


Sunday we started the training early at about 1 PM going over the saber material from Saturday and spending about 3 hours on it even though it seemed fly by.

We had a new guy start this week, very nice and very enthusiastic yet safety conscious, which is always a relief. He is open minded but very interested in Medieval martial arts so we spent a good amount of time with Randal leading us through some German longsword basics….we then went over a few of the things we do at NEOHEMAS so he could get a glimpse of the sort of thing he was in store for…we failed to scare him off.

We then played just a few bouts of singlestick. We ended the session with a quick run through of Polish saber technique from Randal.

This whole weekend had more of a mini-seminar like feel to it and we got alot of great new material to work on with the saber plus my mountain axe understanding was added to since there seems to be a good deal of crossover material….definitely saw things done with the saber that I was already doing with the axe. I would have to say my understanding of why I am doing some of the things I do with the axe has been greatly increased just this weekend. I have to say that my brain is a bit mushy right now though and I feel like I have an information hangover…I will need a few days to recover.


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